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A website that converts

One of our partner relationships is in web design. We use web designers with proven success on our client projects. If we are creating a new site, we recommend  WordPress as your content management system. We do however work with clients using other platforms such as Wix and Squarespace.

If you're looking at creating a new look for your site, we also have a designer available to help.

Content creation on a laptop

Podcasting to connect

Podcast marketing is a great way to build trust, increase your following,  and grow your sales and business.

It does however take a lot of work to get it right. You need to think of recording equipment, guest selection, interview questions, audio quality, editing and distribution.

WUMA Media can help with all this, or parts of the podcast process.

The first ever New Zealand podcast study surveyed 1,006 local residents, revealing one in three (31%) listeners consume podcast content at least once a week, with society and literature themed podcasts ranking the most popular in New Zealand. Half (48%) of all podcast listeners are aged under 45 years-old. (RNZ)

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