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SEO is a crucial element to making sure your website is successful.  To create an effective SEO strategy, a combination of planning and examining industry influences is required.

Local SEO

88% of searches  for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.  So, if you're not being found locally online, you're missing out on local sales.

Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to increase in importance as a digital marketing channel. It is cost-effective and a great way of achieving KPIs. If you're not using video, you're missing out.


Another set of eyes can see things you don't. We can can deliver you ideas, ideas and more ideas to help you succeed. Working with International, National and Local brands gives us an edge in idea creation.

Website Design

In the first few seconds a potential customer looks at your site, they've decided what they thing of it. We'll make sure they're impressed and they convert for you.


Podcasting is a great way to connect with people. It's fun, informative and is a fantastic way to engage with an audience.  Don't miss the boat, jump on the podcasting bandwagon.

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Why Choose WUMA Media?

No Contracts

We are confidant our in abilities to deliver. With the opportunity to work month by month, you don't have to feel trapped.

Reports & Contact

We deliver a  transparent communication process. So, you can expect regular contact from us.

We provide a monthly report to our SEO clients, showing where their keywords are tracking and how their site is performing.


We know we're working in an always changing environment. We know that it's more than just SEO to make success happen. We're experienced with working with a range of other people who bring a host of skills to the table.

Our Focus

We like to get things done and make results happen. We're not in this to try and impress you with  industry waffle and false hopes. We just want to learn what you are wanting to achieve and see if we are the right fit to make it happen.


Results Focused

Bespoke Strategies

How can we help?

SEO is at the heart of what we do, from improving local SEO to creating videos marketing strategies.

How to be Comfortable on Camera

By adrian | 15/12/2020

Video is a great way of building trust with an audience. However, people often feel nervous or unsure about being on camera. So in this video, we’ll look at 5 ways to feel comfortable and relaxed when being filmed. Telling someone to relax, doesn’t often work, but here are 5 tips that will help you …

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How to prepare for a podcast interview

By adrian | 27/10/2020

A podcast is a great way to share information, build content and engage with an audience. Here are some key points to get to your podcasting goals faster, with less hassle and better results. Format of podcast Send a guest the link to your podcast, so they can listen to previous guests and get an …

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6 Ways SEO Helps A Small Business

By adrian | 08/09/2020

Many small business owners might imagine that investing a component of their marketing budget on computer program optimisation (SEO) strategy isn’t necessary. They’ll consider it as ineffective and too technical even to create a sense of it. But the truth is, SEO for small businesses is very important in New Zealand. According to Flight Digital, …

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What is Video SEO and How Can It Help your Business?

By adrian | 28/06/2020

When you search something on the internet, the search engine used gives you results based on your search. These results displayed in front of you are ranked, based on their relevance to your search.  For any website owner, this ranking is crucial. The higher you rank, the more viewers you are likely to get for …

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Why SEO? And Why is it Important?

By adrian | 26/06/2020

Today, having a website for your business or brand is crucial. In the early days of the internet, there were very few websites, and the competition was less. But now, the competition is huge and increasing. The battle to rank and convert based on search engine queries is an ongoing battle.

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5 Free tools to save you time and reduce frustration

By adrian | 26/06/2020

Everyone is looking to save time. Here is a list of 5 free tools I use most days to get things done. All are easy to use and can save a lot of frustration in a day at work. SEOquake:I’m starting with this SEO tool since I do SEO. SEOquake “is a free plugin that …

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